Make Room For The New: Is Print Media Going Out Of Style For Good?

Society changes constantly and, in turn, so do styles and trends. Print media had a good, long, successful life. But it may officially be coming to an end.

There are two common reactions to this news:



Your reaction probably depends very heavily on your age, as well as your current or intended career. When I tell people I’m in school for Journalism, one of the most common questions/comments is something along the lines of: “Aren’t newspapers dying?”

My answer is usually to laugh and say, “Yes and no.”

If I had more time, or cared enough to give a meaningful answer, I would explain that while print media may be dying, news is not. Just like most of our society, it’s evolving and expanding to the online world. Media and news distribution must meet the demands of the public in order to survive. And many of these demands are coming from younger generations who grow up dependent on technology. Change isn’t always bad, it’s just different.

The print version of the Edmonton Journal still gets delivered to my house every morning. I’m not complaining; it’s nice to hold something concrete in your hands and flip through it. But when I open twitter, I see news and stories from dozens of mediums all over the world, all in one place. Similarly, when I turn on the TV, I can watch a 20 minute run-down of the most important news stories and get the gist of things. That’s exactly what has so many people hooked. Digital Journalism is taking over print media. In order for the news industry to survive, it has to meet the need and demands of each new generation. Right now, young generations want to be able to get all of their news in one place, and the most convenient way to do that is via mediums like twitter.

Are real (and I mean “delivered-to-your-front-door-each-morning” kind of real) newspapers dying, or dead already? Maybe. Is news dying? Absolutely not. It’s evolving, bettering to match our ever-changing society.

Though the truth of this is hard to admit, one of many unfortunate side-effects–arguably the worst–of this is no more cute puppies bringing us our newspaper in the morning. This is a loss worth mourning. (For those of you who aren’t familiar with the concept, this is sarcasm. I’m not crazy.)




One thought on “Make Room For The New: Is Print Media Going Out Of Style For Good?

  1. “Media and news distribution must meet the demands of the public in order to survive.”
    This is an accurate statement but it’s a problem without a simple solution. I think most/all news organizations are struggling with how to meet the demands…and what the next decade will bring. If they’re not struggling with it, they certainly should be.

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