The Most Powerful Tool For Your Toolbox: Non-Profits Using Social Media

Preparing for a day of hard work with a non-profit? Don’t forget to pack your most powerful tool: Social Media.

Non-profits are using social media to create an online presence that invites and inspires their audience to help make a difference. Using social media to reach out to people can give non-profits the ability to spread news, not just within their neighbourhoods, but around the world. The target audience for most non-profits is likely passionate, inspired young people. And most passionate, inspired young people spend a lot of time online.

Social media is extremely effective at spreading news about a non-profit’s work, who they’re helping, and communities in need around the world. Not only can having a strong social media presence help spread information, but it can help recruit people. If young people who want to make a difference don’t know a problem exists somewhere, how can they be expected to step in and do something about it?

By sharing their achievements and goals online, they’re sending the message that says, “yes, you too can make a difference. Come help us help others.”

Using hashtags to engage with their target audience, posting eye-catching photos or videos, and promoting their work by posting relatable content can be extremely powerful. Ultimately, it’s most important for non-profits to create and maintain an online presence that is clear, engaging, updated, easily accessible, and relatable. Just because our younger generations are so driven by technology, doesn’t mean many organizations can’t put this to good use. Many non-profits have already discovered how much success an online presence can bring them, and those that haven’t are bound to figure it out.


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